A Brief Guide to Modern Glass Dining Tables

Glass dining tables are popular among modern designers. Tempered glass, clear or shaded, has a unique quality that can be both modern with a touch of futuristic appeal. In times past movies and stories of what people thought the future would be like included tales that described glass or transparent furnishings. In modern times the technology exists to allow those past predictions to become a modern reality.

What styles of modern glass dining tables are available?

modern glass dining tablesModern glass dining tables can have only the table top itself cast in glass or the entire piece can be made from it. Common among modern tables, though, is the use of modest or unique legs that allow the table top to really feature on its own in the d├ęcor. Available in many shapes and lengths, modern glass tables can be found in both classical shapes or more free-flowing and artistic forms. Aside from the entire glass tables, legs and accents are typically either wood or more commonly metal. Stone can be seen occasionally among modern designs, but it is less frequent. No matter what ratio of glass is present, it should always be kept in mind that upkeep for then can be more tedious than traditional style dining tables.

How to pair chairs with a glass dining table

As glass is not as practical a substance for chairs as it can be for table surfaces, paring chairs with a glass table is a focus more on surroundings. Undecorated or set, glass dining tables can almost be a neutral point in the room. Chairs to accompany it can either be matched to its support, if its not also glass, or with the color scheme in the room. The selection of modern dining chairs is as expansive as the tables they can be paired with. Another unique aspect to keep in mind is the visibility that glass tables afford which allows chairs to be fully viewed, as opposed to half hidden beneath the table top. This means they can really be used to blend or create a unique focus in the room.

How to shop for a modern glass dining table

In today’s world, starting your search for the right furnishings to suit your modern style should begin online. Not all local furniture stores carry lines that you find fitting for your space, and the limited selection can stunt your search options. Looking through interior design blogs and general searches can provide a plethora of ideas, especially if you are not entire sure what you want, only that you want something glass and modern.

Popular brands to look for online as examples of modern glass dining tables are Zuri Furniture, Madison Seating, Euro Style and Zuo Modern. While some of these companies may be a bit high in pricing, they all have beautiful examples of popular modern dining tables. Taking them as examples you can refine your search online or even use them in context when talking with a local furnishing store or interior decorator.

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