A Marriage of Old and New: Modern Baroque Furniture

Baroque designs are complicated, classical, and decadent. Based typically on the styles of art and architecture from 17th century Italy, modern baroque furniture is blend of old patterns with new materials. Walking into a home that has been modeled with modern baroque furnishings can be like walking into the past. Elegant wing-backed chairs with filigree moldings and feet, sumptuous patterns on the wall or curtains, can all but summon the faint sound of a harpsichord in the background. It is a romantic style of design that has been brought back and refined to fit into modern times.

Some of the biggest points for defining baroque style furniture is ample cushioning, high legs, and complex filigree on the trim. Modern baroque updates a lot of the color variation and construction details to make it more durable and flexible in a modern scheme. The use of filigree embellished lighting fixtures and frames is also an element to modern baroque.

To go for baroque or not

While it is indeed a beautiful variation of modern design, it is no for everyone. Despite being updated in many ways, it still incorporates a lot of curvature and decadence that modern baroque furnitureare trademarks of the era. Most modern baroque furniture is primarily wooden, though there is the occasional line that brings the style even further into modern by using just the basic trim designs in other materials such as metal and glass. In general modern baroque has two extremes; the slightly modified, and the merely baroque-like. Though, when possible, finding a middle ground between the two or using a combination of extremes can bring together an entire house when used as divisions between areas. A den in heavy modern baroque can compliment a hall and dining that have the lighter modern baroque style. Over all, modern baroque is a lot more elegant in the nostalgic sense of the word.

Where to find modern baroque furniture

Depending on where you live, it may be more difficult to find modern baroque pieces for your home décor. Shopping online however, as always, can be a fruitful adventure. Not only can you find a vast collection of furnishings available for shipping, you can even find ways to revamp your current pieces or how to find suitable recoverable items at antique stores and thrifts. There are many places to find pictures and step by step directions on how to blend or convert your modern theme into full modern baroque.

If having furniture shipped or remodeling pieces are not appealing, another option is use covers and patterns to accent in modern baroque instead of going all out. Simple touches of the beautiful and classical style can be easy to do. All it takes is the right frame for a picture, or a filigree enshrouded mirror to add a decadent touch to your décor. Whichever option is utilized, modern baroque design themes can be a truly fashionable and unique setting in the home, it can even be done in light touches at the office.

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