Benefits of Different Types of Modern Dining Room Chairs

In this article, I hope to assist you in learning the benefits of purchasing modern dining room chairs. Consider these points as you weigh your options between antique, vintage or modern pieces.


What’s nice about purchasing modern dining room chairs is that you are getting pieces which are designed and intended for use in the modern world; they often come with built-in precautions to prevent damage from spills, tears and a whole host of other sources. These precautions often are not available in antique pieces, partly due to age and wear. An antique piece has likely seen it’s day of use, resulting in the fabric being worn down and more susceptible to tears and stains.

Also consider the materials used in the construction of modern chairs; in most cases, when you purchase a modern piece, you’re getting something that has been built using metal or carbon, materials that are far more resistant to damage from drops, scratches and dents than wood, which is commonly found in antique pieces.


Modern Dining Room ChairsAntique pieces, in most cases, look… well, antiquated. It is very rare that you will find an antique dining chair that fits in with most architecture built in the last couple of decades. If you want your furniture to blend seamlessly with it’s environment and surroundings, you should consider modern dining room chairs as a serious option.

Aside from form, colour is often another factor in matching your dining room chairs to their environment; modern chairs typically use a much wider colour pallette than do antique chairs and this has a massive impact on whether or not a chair is suited for your particular environment.

Also consider the ‘embossed’ aspect of most antique dining chairs. It is very rare that you will find an antique chair without some sort of embossment that is not present on modern pieces at all. Most embossed pieces feature roses, lions and crowns, features that are largely absent from most architecture today. Take cues from the design world around you; match the qualities of your dining room chairs to the qualities of the architecture and environment around you.

Resale Value

While we often like to think of vintage pieces as being higher in value, this is rarely, if ever the case; more often than not, antique pieces are often scrapped once they are deemed unsuitable. Modern chairs, on the other hand, as the more durable option, have a higher resale value as they are still incredibly usable, even long after one particular customer has tired of them.


The final category to look at is flexibility of use. Modern dining chairs are, generally speaking, suited to many different tasks and functions, not just ‘sitting on them.’ Modern chairs can be repurposed to hold plants and other objects, as a result of their often abstract nature and form. Antique chairs, on the other hand, rarely, if ever, resemble anything other than a chair, meaning they only have one function; to be seated on.


I hope this article has been helpful in showing you the benefits of purchasing modern dining room chairs. In terms of durability, looks, flexibility and resale value, they simply cannot be matched by antique, vintage pieces.

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