Fall In Love With Modern Dining Chairs

There are many types of dining chairs available on the market; everything from traditional to contemporary and vintage can be found in dining rooms and ballrooms all over the world. But today, I’d like to speak about what to look for in a specific type of dining chair; modern ones.


Perhaps one of the main things that makes a dining chair identify with the ‘modern’ category is it’s form. Whereas antique models frequently have embossed legs and backs, modern chairs rather come with smooth contours and do not contain any sort of embossing.

Also, look for ‘adventurous’ designs in modern dining chairs. Whereas antique pieces are often fashioned in a very traditional way, modern dining chairs often feature ‘unusual’ designs and shapes, such as oddly curved backs and legs.


Modern Dining ChairsAnother way of identifying modern dining chairs is in the materials used. Antique and vintage chairs frequently use wood in their construction; this is what chairs have been built with for centuries. But in a modern dining chair, look for more unconventional materials; things like metal, glass and carbon are commonly used in the construction of such pieces.

Also, look for a fusion of different materials. With the invention of some pieces of machinery in the last several decades, this fusion is made possible, which creates some pieces that are truly unique and entirely unconventional.

Take a walk in Ikea, for example, one of the more modern furniture stores around today. You will notice that the dining chairs there frequently make use of materials other than wood. Even when wood is used, it is likely paired with another, more unconventional material that you wouldn’t find in an antique piece.


Perhaps the most obvious way of identifying modern dining chairs is to look at the condition of the piece. For example, a modern dining chair would not display the same signs of wear and tear as an antique piece, unless it was heavily abused, in which case you should steer clear of buying that piece.

Also look for telltale signs of rust and corrosion on metal pieces. If this is present, the piece was likely, again, either misused or an older piece.


While the prices of chairs vary greatly between manufacturers and different stores, modern chairs are typically much more expensive than antique ones. This is partly due to a trend in which more and more people are shifting to buying modern pieces as properties being built in urban areas are starting to reflect more of a ‘modern’ approach to building and decorating.

Also, the materials used in modern dining chairs are much more costly to manufacture and produce as opposed to wood, which has been in use for centuries.


I hope this article has been helpful in outlining what you need to look for when buying a modern dining chair. To reiterate a few points, consider form to be a large indicator of whether a dining chair is modern or vintage. Also look at materials, price and condition; these are all highly indicative of a dining chair’s status.

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