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A family room is the space in a home where everyone comes to together to relax, play games, watch television, and just enjoy each other’s company. To make your family room as perfect as it can be for your crew, here’s a list of family room essentials.

Danish Modern Sofa Furniture

Danish Modern SofaLet’s start with the basics. You need to fill out your family room with comfortable furniture, making sure you have enough room to seat everyone in your family. The star of family room furniture is the sofa. Right now, a great choice for a family room sofa is a Danish modern sofa. Danish modern furniture is in a vintage, minimalist style designed with wood. Danish modern sofas are well-known for their clean, pure lines. Danish furniture had its heyday in the 1940’s, 1950’s, and 1950’s; but recently there has been renewed interest in the style. For your family room, a Danish modern sofa in an olive green fabric or rich, luxe brown leather is the perfect starting point for decorating.

In addition to a sofa, you’ll need big comfy chairs for lounging and reading. Easily movable side tables provide can storage for books and magazines while also giving you a place to set your drinks. Equally important as the sofa is an over-sized coffee table or ottoman. If you’re thinking of going with a coffee table, choose a wood one that already looks a little worn or that will look good after it’s been dinged and beaten up a bit. If you go for an ottoman, look for one that is extra poufy and has a little personality. If you have enough space in your family room, add a quality pool table with overhead lamp. A fancy version of a card table set up in a corner is perfect for board and card games. And last, but not least, a television stand needs to hold up the most popular item in the room. Think outside of the box, and use a sturdy dresser or chest (with plenty of storage space for game consoles, DVDs, cords, and other odds and ends) as your television stand and entertainment console.


Your family room should be stocked with enough board games and cards to entertain the entire family on a rainy or snowy day. Be sure to get the classics–Monopoly, Uno, and Life. A classic chess game set out always looks good, even when not being played. Having several decks of cards available comes in handy for good old-fashioned games of poker, blackjack, gin, and war.


A television is a must for a family room. That’s where you’ll be watching college football, a family movie, and big events on network stations, such as New Year’s Eve programming. If your family watches television, don’t try to hide the television or place it in a place where it’s not the main focal point. Embrace your family’s television-loving and let the television stand front and center in your family room. A great sound system brings the sound of the crowd at the big game and explosions in movies right into your home. If your family enjoys video games, make sure you have all the gaming equipment you need located conveniently in your family room entertainment console.

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