McCreary Modern Furniture

McCreary Modern Furniture manufactures high end furniture for the home or business. The items they create include sofas, ottomans, chairs and sectionals in the modern style of design. The company also offers the ability to customize sectionals to fit any space that is unique to your home or business institution.


McCreary Modern FurnitureAs a family business based in Newton, North Carolina, McCreary manufactures its furniture in their 100,000 square foot factory. The factory is located in Newton and, once completed, the furniture is then shipped throughout North America or beyond to its destination. Originally starting as a web-based business, the company has grown since its humble beginnings and now has showrooms in North Carolina, New Jersey and Atlanta.

The company prides itself in the use of quality materials and an attention to detail while building its products. Fabrics are chosen for their style and durability, ensuring that the products not only look great, but will also survive normal day-to-day use. Seat and sofa cushions are filled with a mixture of fiber, feathers and down. Others use a foam core which offers comfort and support for the customer.

Furniture frames use high-quality material and techniques which have proven themselves over the course of time. The materials are then reinforced to provide extra strength and durability, giving the piece a long lifespan and giving the customer the confidence that their investment will last for years to come.


If you are designing a room in a modern fashion, function comes first, and the designs are often uncluttered with clean straight lines. With many modern furnishings, the frames are made of polished metal, although wood can also be used if it follows these design principles.

McCreary modern furniture follows the philosophy of modern furniture and offer a wide range of products which will match your modern d├ęcor. Sofas and sectionals come in a variety of styles which feature straight lines and corners along with minimal adornments to meet the needs of the modern style of room.

The colors of the furniture are largely neutral colors, which should help you match furniture to whichever room you are decorating. Some color is available to add highlights to the room, or to match an unconventional color scheme.

Chairs, sofas and sectionals are available with frames made from both wood and metal. The metal can help give your room the shiny highlights that can make it distinctive and stand out, while the wood offers a more classic look. At the same time, the wood designs are minimalistic in look and will not detract from the overall appearance of the room. Ottomans and swivel chairs are also available to complete the furnishings in your house or business.

McCreary modern furniture is a great way to help set a room apart and make your home or office look like a modern masterpiece. The care they put into creating furniture will help you find a look for your home that will last a long time.

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