Modern Bed Frames – Design and Decor Tips for your Bedroom

As a homeowner, decorating a house means you have a lot to think about. You need to consider the colors of the rooms, the type of furniture you will need and even what color that furniture should be to compliment the rest of the room.
Many people enjoy the modern style of décor in a room, and the bedroom is one of the more important aspects of the house. You want to feel comfortable and enjoy the look of the room. If you’ve chosen to design your bedroom with a modern style in mind, you need to be familiar with the philosophy of the modern look.

The Modern  Look

Modern Bed FramesIn a modern room, form comes before function. This means that the utilization of furniture in the room is more important than the design of the furniture. After all, what good is a beautiful chair if it’s uncomfortable?
With modern design, the chair is designed to be used comfortably with little or no decoration. Colors in a modern room are typically natural or neutral to create a more inviting atmosphere. These colors help avoid the stark look of contemporary design and make the room more pleasing to the eye.
The same rules apply to the bed. As the chief piece of furniture in a bedroom, it is important to pick modern bed frames that match the look of your room.

Bed Frame Tips

Choosing a bed frame for a modern room is not difficult if you keep the basic philosophy in mind and follow these handy tips:

  • Straight and Simple: Metallic frames featuring straight lines and simple designs usually fall under modern design.
  • Wood Works Too: Not everything needs to be metallic. Wooden frames can fall under the modern design label if the wood follows the basic principles of natural or neutral colors, and little or no decorative carving.
  • Corners, not Curves: There are no curves in modern design; those are the domain of contemporary rooms. A modern room will have sharp corners to give it a clean, straight appearance.
  • Headboards are an Option: Many headboards feature built in shelves and storage. Some even feature night stands. Even headboards that don’t have these options can be used if you keep in mind the simple, straight lines of modern design.
  • Bedposts Stand Out: While bedposts are not typical in modern bedrooms, there are options that are available. Metal or wood posts can be set up with your bed and give it a look that is unusual for the style. Straight lines keep it consistent with the bed frame and the look of the room.

Creating a nice modern look in your bedroom can really make the room stand out. Modern bed frames create a nice focal point within the room and set the tone for all the other décor within it. When creating the room you want, make sure you take the time to research and furnish properly, and you will be more than happy with the outcome of your efforts.

Modern Bed Frame

Maybe you’ve just moved to a new home, or you might be in the mood to renovate your old one. Either way, it means that the bedroom needs to be redone. You may have heard about the modern style of décor, but you’re not quite sure what it means, what it looks like or where to begin.

If you are designing your bedroom in a modern fashion, function comes first, and the designs are often uncluttered with clean straight lines. With many modern furnishings, the frames are made of polished metal or glass. While this may work for you, it might not be the look that others want. As a result, it’s also important to realize that wood can be used in modern designs as well as metal.

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom so it is important to pick a modern bed frame that will match the look you want for your room, while also offering you the size you want and the style to match your personality. The modern bedroom should not be cluttered or overly busy, and the colors should be natural or neutral. These colors will make the room more inviting, avoiding the stark look of some contemporary design.

A bed frame for such a room should also match the rest of the room. Ornate headboards, legs or bedposts will look out of place in a properly decorated bedroom. Instead, follow the guidelines of the style:

  • Straight lines and simple designs. Metallic frames with minimal decorations usually meet the definition of “modern.”
  • Wood bed frames can also be viewed as modern if they are the same standards. The wood should be neutral or natural colors, rather than reaching across the color scale.
  • Corners give a bed frame its modern look. There are no curves, as with contemporary frames. This design philosophy holds true for both wood and metal frames.
  • A platform bed can really set off a room. These beds are made of a mattress with no box spring, sitting on top of a platform that is low to the ground and supports the entire mattress. Platform beds are even relatively easy to make yourself, if you’re a little bit handy.
  • Various options for headboards are always available. Many of them include built in shelves, night stands, or storage. Any of the options could be great to complete your bed, but make sure that they follow the clean lines and corners of your room.
  • Bedposts can also be used to set your bed apart. The posts should follow the design philosophy of the rest of the room, and be simple, clean and made from the same material (metal or wood) as the rest of the bed frame.

The look of a well-designed modern look can really make your bedroom stand out, and become the talk of all your friends. Taking the extra time to pick the look you want for the bed will set the tone for the rest of the room. Happy sleeping!

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