Modern Ideas for you Living Room

There are numerous design patterns for taking a room from outdated to modern. In places like the living in particular the ideas seem endless. The concepts of modern design revolve around simple, refined, and clean colors and designs. Overly bright or overly dark settings tend to be avoided for modern living rooms. The following are some common living room ideas, modern; from start to finish or updates to existing settings.

The single wall accent.

Living room Modern IdeasIf you don’t like the idea of doing a patterned wall paper all over or in covering the walls with a lot of d├ęcor, you can go with the simple panel concept. Decorate either a single wall, or section of it with a design or picture that you use to tie the rest of the rooms elements with. A beautiful panel green and white wallpaper can give you a focal point when choosing shades of things like rugs, furniture, drapes and accents. It also gives a pallet when selecting complimentary tones. With green and brown for example, you would stay in matching or near shades and use accents from the yellow and brown spectrum to accent. You want to avoid having a completely monotone living room, instead focus on a theme of complimentary shades that go well with the focus. Remember clean lines and simple elegance are keys to modern designs.

Metallic accents, in particular silver, are common in modern living room themes.

A popular idea for a modern living room is using pieces such as mirrors or pictures with a silvery border as the focus. It is often tied in with furnishings that have silvery accents as well, such as the legs and arms. It is one theme what works well with a muted pallet. General complimentary colors tend to be earthy grays with touches of contrasting tones. Darker blues, sienna, and saffron all work well when using a modern metallic theme in your living room. The key to making it tasteful is to used simple and modest accents and tones, and avoid flashy and glimmering details. Silvery curtains against a slate pale slate wall work well as general settings for this sort of theme.

Bring the retro into modern.

When it comes to designing a living room, modern ideas can help bring existing settings up to date, and get rid of the need for entirely new furnishing. Taking a piece of dated furniture and remodeling it, the task can be as simple as replacing the cushions, or as complicated as re-sanding and painting it as well. Depending on the structure of the piece, you can sometimes get away with simple using slip covers and pillows to update its look. Refreshing the furnishing and pairing it with modern color schemes and accents can be one of the simplest and most cost effective ways of bringing your living room into modern times. Sometimes all you need is a fresh paint of coat, new drapes, and removing the clutter of a room to give it a fresher look. It is not uncommon for a modern living room to have a marriage of old and new pieces.

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