Modern Restaurant Furniture

Modern furniture for a restaurant is widely available for anyone whose restaurant is being decorated in such a theme. But what exactly is meant when someone says that it is a modern style? What does it look like and how do you know if it’s the right style for your restaurant?
Modern furniture design’s earliest beginnings are in the late 1800’s. Before that, furniture was highly ornate and expensive, with the time spent creating it and the materials used determining the value of the furniture. Modern furniture designs focused on cutting out excess material, and making the furniture more affordable and functional. Keeping designs simple cut down on the time and cost of labor, and made the furniture possible to mass-produce, and affordable for more people.

Modern Restaurant FurnitureWhat To Look For

  • If you are choosing modern restaurant furniture, you will want to choose furniture that matches this style of décor.
  • Simple chair designs with metallic frames and minimal adornments typically meet the definition of modern. When choosing chairs, make sure that the chairs are durable enough to survive heavy use and last for a long time.
  • Colors tend to be natural or neutral colors, where contemporary design can range across the color scale.
  • Modern design has strong lines and corners. This gives it a different look from contemporary design which favors curves.

A modern space does not have to look stark. If done correctly, the colors and lines will be more welcoming. Both modern and contemporary designs feature spaces with smooth lines and neither one uses ornate adornments on furniture. The metal and lack of ornamentation give the entire space a clean, shiny look.
Bar stools can also help you in achieving the modern look of your restaurant. Using metal bar stools in a restaurant with modern design will help complete the look. Many bar stools also have the ability to be adjusted for height, and have footrests built into them to help make your customer’s seating as comfortable as possible. As with chairs and tables, ensure that the stools are made of durable material to take the heavy use your customers will put it through.

On The Table

Restaurant tables can come in a variety of designs as well, many of which may look modern. Tables are available in square, rectangular or round shapes. Keeping in mind the ideals of modern design, tables should feature more angles than curves, so square tables may be the best choice if you’re going for a modern look. The styles of table legs can also vary, but the design elements of modern restaurant furniture favor straight lines over curves. Whether your table has four legs or a single column in the middle is a decision that you should make based on what you think works best for your establishment. When choosing, keep the basics of modern design in mind and stick to it.
Opening a restaurant is a scary and risky prospect, but keeping some design guidelines in mind, your modern décor will help get and keep customers and make the restaurant pleasing to the eye.

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