Outfitting Your Home for the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to get your home ready for guests and visitors. That means making sure your home is warm, comfortable, and inviting. In addition to getting out your holiday decorations that you display year after year, consider whether you should replace any of the mainstays in your rooms. For example, the furniture in your dining room, the most oft-used room during the holidays, should provide a solid foundation for the rest of your holiday decor.

To prepare for the holiday season when you’re likely to have friends and family gathering at your dining table to share great meals and make memories, make sure your dining room is outfitted with a great solid piece of show-stopping furniture, such as a Danish modern dining table. Such a timeless and versatile piece of furniture is a great piece to build upon for all of your holiday decorations and adornment.

Danish Furniture, Always in Style

Danish modern dining tableHaving a Danish modern dining table in your home is the equivalent to having Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O’s wardrobe. It is always stylish, polished, elegant, attractive, and looks great in any setting. Danish furniture, and dining tables, in particular, are always on trend and they suit a variety of styles of homes. They are cleanly designed so that your table can be a canvas for table dressings of any sort. In addition, they are light, and often take up much less space than many bulkier tables. This also means they can easily moved from room to room, if need be. Most other furniture pieces in your dining will likely go with a Danish modern dining table because of its timeless design. It won’t interfere with other pieces in the room that may be more overwhelming, like a hutch, side table, bar, or even a large piece of wall art. Made of warm woods, these kinds of tables can perk up a space and add instant life to an otherwise dull area. Add matching chairs or something completely different for an extra design punch. Because a Danish modern dining table is so malleable, they look good with any number of styles of chairs.

A Table Dressing to Take You Through the Holidays

For a simple, elegant, and warm table dressing that will last all holiday season, using a Danish modern dining table as your base, start by placing a rectangular table runner in a warm cream color in a rough-hewn cotton or similar fabric down the length of the table. Add matching napkins at each place setting. Use gold chargers at each setting and top with cream color dishware. Place small mum plants in metallic or glittery gold containers down the table runner, alternating between two colors, such as red and orange. For December get-togethers, switch the mums for short floral displays with Poinsettias. Place small decorative items, which can be found in nature like acorns, nuts, leaves, and pinecones in between and around the floral arrangements on the table runner. For an added touch, place a small personalized gift for each guest at his or her setting, like an engraved ornament or a framed picture of you with your guest.

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