The Appeal of a Modern Glass Table

Glass table tops have long been an icon for outdoor furniture and throwback d├ęcor. However, thanks to modern design, the concept of using a glass table has become a unique and trendy way to set the mood of a room. Used in combination with ceramics, metal, stone and wood, glass tables are often set on a base made from something else. Although, some of the more creative and daring modern tables are made entirely from glass.

Choosing the right table for you

Modern Glass TableTypically not for chaotic settings, modern glass tables can add a level of sophistication or artistic charm to a room. In the home they make wonderful center or side tables. Their daring designs can be wonderful conversational points as well as bring a room together. Glass tables come in both rigid lines and fluid curves, often combining the two into a beautiful creation. The wide variety of models available can make choosing the right one difficult. But the selection also guarantees one can be found that fits into the theme of the room you want it for.

In a business setting a modern glass tables can create a unique atmosphere. Uncolored and transparent designs can foster a sense of refinement and simplicity. The level of creativity in the design can be a reflection in the business’s creativity. They are also useful, when used with certain design themes, in creating the notion that the business is run like a glass house and operates with transparency in their dealings.

Care and maintenance for glass tables

Modern glass tables can be more resilient than older models, but still require meticulously upkeep. Whether the glass is colored or clear, dust can accumulate quickly and tarnish its appeal. Regular dusting and cleaning with simple solutions can help keep it from becoming dirty and unattractive. When used in a functional setting that coaster with padded bottoms are used. The other thing that can ruin a glass table, aside from dust and stains are scratches and scuffs. Unlike wooden surfaces, it is difficult to impossible to seamlessly restore a scratch or gouge. If items are to be set on the table, be sure that felt or other soft material is between the glass surface and it. For decorations that would not be suitable for such modification, such as pieces made from glass as well, take care that they are positioned carefully and moved infrequently.

Where to find a modern glass table

One company that has a particularly large selection of modern glass tables is Zuo Modern. They have a wide selection of tables that are both combination and complete glass. Other popular companies include Euro Style, Modway, and even American Eagle. Prices in general range from around $200.00 to $2,000.00 for centerpiece or coffee tables. Side table sets tend to be a lot less, but still quite as trendy as their larger counterparts. If furniture stores in your area do not stock modern glass furnishings, shopping online is a good way to either buy direct or find sources nearby.

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