Types of Modern Dining Tables

In this article, I’d like to take a look at a specific type of dining tables; modern, and what you should pay attention for when looking to place them in a room and buy accessories to go with them. I’ll talk about what to look for, what to avoid and how to be sure that you’re making sound design choices as you plot out your dining space.

Avoid Vintage Chairs

If you’ve got a modern dinner table, I highly recommend that you avoid pairing it with vintage chairs. This, in most cases, will clash heavily and produce a look that is completely undesirable. The combination of ‘old’ and ‘new’ in the same context does not traditionally work very well; older pieces are often more worn; this look works well if paired with other worn pieces but when you have a sleek, modern dining table, it often simply doesn’t work at all.

Pay Attention to Colour

Modern Dining TablesDepending on what type of modern dining table you own, you may find that colour is a huge factor in determining whether or not it will match with your room and it’s surroundings.

Most antique tables will generally work colour-wise with anything; they’re classics, that’s what they tend to do. Modern tables, on the other hand, frequently use colour schemes that only work with other specific colours.

For example, an antique dining table will often use a natural ‘wood’ tone in it’s colour scheme. A modern table, on the other hand, is equally as likely to be produced using carbon or metal, which gives designers options as far as colour scheme goes; it’s not uncommon at all to find modern dining tables that feature colours such as orange, pink and green; these only work with a limited pallette, so bear that in mind.

Use Glass

By using glass in accessorizing your room around your modern table, you’re using something that is incredibly neutral. Glass eliminates the need to meticulously plot out your colour scheme and, in most cases, glass vases and bowls have a very modern appeal.

Pay attention to the architecture trends of the 21st century; glass is featured prominently in most buildings and homes. Take cues from this and place a glass vase or bowl on your modern dining table; it will create a sharp, clean, clear image and be very aesthetically pleasing.

Avoid Dark Coloured Walls

Now, this point is a bit subjective. The reason I say to avoid dark coloured walls is that modern dining tables generally work better with lighter, more free colours. While this is related to to the previous point about colour, it also has to do with the way the brain evaluates a room. A dark room is much better paired with antique furniture; this gives it a ‘gothic’ feel which can work incredibly well and create a truly unique room.


I hope this article has been helpful in guiding your attention towards the considerations that need to be made when designing a room around a modern dining table. Please be sure to consider the age of other furniture in the room, the colour of that furniture, use glass and pay attention to the tone of the walls.

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