What is Elite Modern Furniture?

Modern furnishings tend to have a clean, crisp appearance. Some could describe it as furniture that has a touch of ergonomic design with a sharp edge and sense of impeccable craftsmanship. When you think of modern art, you think of stark lines and contrast. Modern furniture conjures the same. Black leather sofas with stainless steel legs and accents, or glass top tables supported by helix metal posts are just two examples of elite modern furniture. From bedside tables to dining sets, modern décor is about pursuing the marriage between form, function, and refinement. Elite Modern furniture is a unique line that takes regular modern designs and curves the edges for a warmer variation that still uses a lot of metal, glass, and wood in the body and frameworks of their design.

Elite Modern furniture lines

Elite Modern furnitureElite Modern lines include, bed, home office, bars and bar stools, dining tables and chairs, accent chairs, buffets, and occasional tables. Among their selection of bed suits is the Lorin, one of the more popular Modern Elite models. It feature a bold upholstered look that is set over a powdered steel frame and comes in a large selection of fabric and finish combinations. It is available in three sizes and has optional extensions for the headboard and matching side stands.

In the home office, the Victor series features desks and office accessories that focus on open designs. Glass tops and shelves are combined with wood and medal for a sophisticated and professional appearance. A similar ambiance is seen among their many models of occasional tables that feature open layouts and glass tops. The variations in the base and shaping lend a wide variety of tone from professional to casual.

Elite Modern bars and pub tables favor the contrasts of metal and glass to create striking and creative pieces. While the stools incorporate metal and plush seating in a variety of colors that make them fitting for many settings beyond just the bar.

One of the biggest categories of Elite Modern furniture is the dining table and chair sets. A wide variety of designs that incorporate themes of full glass tables with complimentary metal chairs, to any combination of wood, metal, glass, and upholstery one could think of in a modern context.

While not as hardy as some their lines, Elite Modern’s selection of accent chairs and buffets can offer the perfect compliments to any modern décor. Refined, yet daring, some of their accent pieces feature animal prints from their Pharoh line of products. While their buffets remain modest and varied in favoring both curves or angles depending on the model.

Where can Elite Modern furniture be found?

Only select dealers can carry them, so it is best to begin the quest online. If you cannot find a local retailer that is able to stock their collections, then you will have to use an online dealer. Many offer free shipping given the expense of the pieces, which can make them quite a better deal as a lot of in person stores charge extra to deliver.

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